Why Sons Holidays?

Sons Holidays is one experienced and popular trip specialist in Nepal. It is a team of expert, dedicated, and passionate travel lovers. Sons Holidays always works for the better satisfaction of the clients. We want to become the best trip planner in Nepal but we never promote ourselves as the best travel company. The vision and mission of Sons Holidays drive us to work hard and do our best so that we meet the expectations, even far above the customer’s expectations. Lots of customers and the visitors used to ask us why they choose Sons Holidays for their vacation. And we simply say because we are the team inspired by the expectation of the customers. We only know that we can succeed with our vision and targeted goals only through the customers’ satisfaction.

Here are some reasons to choose Sons Holidays for their trip and valuable vacation:

Customize your trip with the help of our Holiday plans specialist

Sons Holidays is not that trip planner who promotes and sells only the fixed and basic packages, here, we customize and tailor the trip as per the requirements of the customers. With the large numbers of alternatives and options of Hotel, airlines, travel and transportation, meals, duration of the trip, Guides, and many other major as well as minor things, our team of expert who had got lots of experience in the field of tourism tailor the proposed trip that meets your requirements, terms, and interest.

Reliable Travel and tour experience

The team of sons Holidays ensures that you get the core experience of your trip. They will customize and operate your trip to that level where you have the insight, exploration, and better quality service through the hands of the locals to serve the first-hand experience. Moreover, our team strategy is that the ultimate benefits gainer must be the travelers and the locals who actually help you to unfold the place you visit. We like to support the locals who are actual witnesses of the beauty and information about the things that we do or experience.

Secure and Easy Booking

The major problems and confusion of lots of travelers is the process of booking and reserving the trip. Travels stop at the point of booking because of the security and reliability of the booking. And, we say this confusion is good because you are paying you a huge portion of your savings and depending upon that agency for your valuable vacation. 

But here on Sons Holidays, you don’t need to worry about this. Our payment process is one of the best processes in Nepal which is fully trustable and authentic and easy as well. Within a few steps of the process, you can book your proposed trip easily and safely as well.