The region full of vast, rugged plains amidst snowy peaks, Tibet is one of must trekked region for the reason. With more than 50 peaks above 7000m range, the area makes vast and deep trekking trails for every kind of trekkers. Himalaya and its glaciers are also the sources of major water heads in Asia. Standing in peace and solemn on the roof of the world, this is Tibet for those who dream for adventurous and elite trekking the base of the Himalayas.

Tibet and the Himalaya is the land of gods own who decorated it with brilliance and his own greatness.

Trekking in Tibet Features countless Challenges and overwhelming sceneries with a natural and cultural blessing. Tibet is also land carrying the Highest Peak in the World- Mt. Everest by North Side, in South by Nepal.

Routes of trekking in the land of Tibet includes and passes through Potala palace, Ancient Jokhang Monastery, the old town of Gyantse, Shegar and Shigatse, remaining structure and area of Kingdom of Guge with a glimpse into the story of the Long Lust Dynasty. In the History of Himalayas, no one has submitted the Kailash Parbat or Mount Kailash. This Sacred peace of Himalayas is serene and pilgrimage of millions of Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, Bon Po and Ayyavazhi.