Bhutan- an incredible destination to experiencing the different, typical and traditional culture

Bhutan is one of the most popular and famous destinations for those desiring to experience traditional Buddhist culture. With unique, unchanged and traditional culture and practices, Bhutan gives awesome cultural tours. Most people say it is very nice to visit Bhutan and Bhutanese culture. Money and industries can only measure how to develop the country is, but the only culture determines how the country is blissful.

What is the religion Bhutanese follow?

Most of Bhutanese, more than 75%, are Vajrayana Buddhist, and Other 25% are of Hindu. Minor numbers of Christians and Islam are also found.

Bhutan’s culture is little quite festive. Festivals of the nation are exciting and entertaining. Tshechu is one most popular festivals of Bhutan. Every City and villages have their Tshechu celebrating lasting to 3 to 5 days. Wearing traditional mask and ornaments and dancing in a traditional way is one most awesome way to celebrate the fest.

Bhutan has its traditional dress code. Men wear ‘Gho’ and Women wear ‘Kira’.

Having Cultural tour to Bhutan is more awesome with its traditional monasteries, called Dzongs which are also administrative centers of the nation. Traditional architecture that includes sloped roofs, earthen wall and intricate wooden work makes a piece of art on every structure and construction.