About Bhutan

Bhutan is the Kingdom of small independent Country surrounded by the Himalayas and country sandwiched between India and Tibet, just east from Nepal and North of Bangladesh. Bhutan, South Asian Country and Member Country of SAARC, is full of land Of Himalayan.

Bhutan, by Local Names of Druk Yul giving the meaning of “The Kingdom of The Thunder Dragon”, is one of most popular destination in Asia for numbers of tourists. With unique, traditional and typical culture and practice, Bhutan is the only country in the world measuring Gross Happiness rather than emphasizing on GDP.

Bhutan is both naturally and culturally blessed country lying on the base of the Giant Himalayas. Bhutan is a rich country in topography, variety of flora and fauna and wildlife containing deer, lion, bear, boar, snow leopard and snow tiger, musk deer, and many animals and beautiful birds. Visiting Bhutan is one of the most epic journeys to feel the air of spirituality. Urban to remote, all field is full of cultural values, believe, serenity and calm people. Bhutan, Bhutanese Government and Bhutanese people all believe in high quality of tourism and high value for culture and tradition. Even with modernization of the whole nation, Bhutan is still culturally and traditionally bliss and pure.