About Us

At the hidden treasures of nature, every single person has a right. Everyone must have to allow seeing the beautiful and strange creatures of nature. There must not be any barrier to admire, experience, and enjoy. Well, this is the motto of Sons Holidays and of course, we want to allow everyone from all around the world to see the beautiful creation of nature, enjoy them and experience things which a believer dreams of. After the experience of work in the tourism industry, Mr. Bhuwan Banjara had learned so much to start one organization which he has had a dream for very long.

After accomplishing lots of tasks he learned what the tourism industries are missing in Nepal. he analyzed the weakness and the mistakes which are followed by the lots of the entrepreneurs in Nepalese tourism. 

He found that everyone is trying to push the trip which is following generation by generation in the same traditional ways. Mr. Bhuwan gots ideas of giving more qualitative services in a more comfortable way within the same ideal cost. With several months of planning and examination, he finally invests his wealth in the tourism company and is named as the Sons Holidays. And his wealth is not just funds or any type of economic factors but also his experience, his hard work, and all his passion. The name "Sons Holidays" is not just a name, but it is the brand that matches its work because here in this company, they don't work as the agent but they help, serve, and care you like a mature son caring for his parents, with love, trust, kindness, and heartily. 

The Sons Holidays Knows every traveler, every visitor, and every dreamer searching for better services, love, care, and little bit kindness during their trip. Well, that's all how it begins to work. Now let's talk about how they work. Every package that Sons Holidays has crafted by the vacation experts concerning how to improve the services and provide better ones.They have rearranged everything which is followed by the old school travel companies and make sure of the first-hand experience.

The vision of Sons Holidays

Talking about tourism in Nepal, till the date most of the travel and tour agencies have been operating in the same old and classical style. The idea of Sons Holidays Nepal is to execute the modern style of travel and tour and operation of the most perfect vacations where the visitors get extra quality services, exceptional experience in the unique destination, and all in one ideal cot.

The vision statement of Sons Holidays is as follows;

“Becoming the best choice for travelers and tourists who desire the quality service with ideal cost and most perfect holidays operator creating the vacation at the best of best destination”

The Mission to achieve the vision of Sons Holidays is as below;

The Mission of Sons Holidays

Our clients are not just travelers. They are enthusiastic and thirsty for adventure, thrill, excitement, and incredible enjoyment. And we, sons Holidays, are not just a travel agent/ company who just sells its product. We are an innovative, creative, and experienced team of passionate tripoholic peoples. Here we sell the best of the best product. We want to provide the first-hand experience of the trip through the hands of talented and skilled locals so that you receive the more information that you cannot get elsewhere. We serve the product specially crafted and tailored by our trip arrangement experts.

Sons Holidays Has a vision of becoming the best place for travelers to discuss their upcoming vacation in which they want extra qualitative service and enough quality time within the ideal cost and all those in the best of best travel destinations. To accomplish this target, Sons Holidays has analyzed the Tourism Market and determined acts and actions that it has to follow and do. 

What we do and how?

Sons Holidays is established to serve the travelers with the best quality product within an ideal price and with extra care and kind towards them. To provide quality services and facilities, we have been coordinating and cooperative with the best service and quality facility providers. We are making a direct connection with those hospitalities and services providers so that the cost becomes cheaper with boycott commission agents. 

We have and are building a strong connection and relation with the facilitators and service providers to ensure that our every guest and visitors get the optimum qualitative as well as exceptional services.